Not Possible To Automate Instrument Editor?

Hey guys, happy wednesday, hope everyone is well. Really enjoying renoise, community, solving problems etc. i have just discovered the pleasures of making your own multi-sampled instruments using the instrument editor. What I seem to not be able to do is actually automate the editor. I looked through the tutorials and didn’t see it explained. I mean, say I want to adjust the volume envelope throughout the song or turn the lfo on or off…I am surprised no one would want this feature or have I just missed it with my dense self? If I am wrong pls tell me off and I will glady put a virtual dunce cap on and go about applying automation to the instrument ed happily. Otherwise do I post this as an obvious feature request?

this is an highly desired missing feature; we firstly had to implement some basic stuff, but we hope to start XRNI revolution during the 2.x cycle.

Ah! Guess, you guys are on it then(in due time of course, given your limitations)!! While VSTis are cool and everything, I think rendering to sample and using the sound that way gives you the most freedom and flexibilty, cpuwise and sonically. I am really getting into learning what renoise can do, ie pattern effects short cuts etc…from reading what you like to see implemented, i really see the future of renoise in developing xrni…seems to be what tracking is all about, would make this program way more powerful than it already is!