Not Really A Bug


In the previous versions of Renoise, you could choose a vsti, and while “playing around” with it, you could use the keyboard (not a musical keyboard, but the PC one) to play the sounds you chose in the VSTinstrument.

Say, if you load up sampletank, you could choose different instruments in the synth, and play the sounds on the keyboard. Now though, you have to choose the sound/preset, then click outside the VSTi before you can listen to the sound by typing on your keyboard.

Now though, you CAN listen to the preset/instrument in your VSTinstrument, but you have to do so by using a musical keyboard.
That is, however, if you have one.

I thought the previous version of Renoise’ way of doing this was alot easier.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Have you unchecked the ‘enable keyboard’ in the bottom of the vsti window?

Heh… no, I hadn’t… works now…

Thanks, Pysj…

Embaressed now :unsure:

Case closed!