Not really a Song but something else i do with Renoise and Jack

Composed animation motions in Renoise to arduino Leonardo or Teensy to servo values. .ino in github link included


This is amazing. Great work!

That’s fantastic work! I always really like it when people (manage to) control real world things to midi/audio data. What’s your aim with this project? Just for the fun of it? Or is this a stepping stone for a bigger project? Op de camping, perhaps. :wink:

Seriously though, I bet you could do all kinds of really neat things and make some kind of multimedia installation, if you’re so inclined.

Haha no opblaaskrokodil maybe first. Anyway ill keep you posted i just opened a big jar of new possibilities. Its so easy to make something move now. I finetunes the code on github i think anyone who will buy an arduino leonardo or something similar can do this now if they use my script from github. I started making a new one this evening, just an old doll i cut open and throw in some servo’s!