Notch on new Macbooks obscures some gui elements

When in full screen, the notch obscures whatever goes in the middle of the upper part of the gui - in my case it’s octave setting. Would be great if Renoise could be notch-aware and move items to the sides, or even if a simple checkbox to avoid that area be available.


I found this: (I don’t have a mac so can’t test)

To turn on “scale to fit below built-in camera” for an app on the new MacBook Pro models, open the Finder app and click on Applications in the sidebar. Then, right click on the desired app and select “Get Info.” In the Info window that opens, check off the “scale to fit below built-in camera” box and the display will automatically adjust when the app is open.

Apple notes that developers can update their app to work better with the notch, in which case the “scale to fit below built-in camera” setting no longer appears.


Thanks Olof, I tried this and unfortunately it’s not great either, just look at the added wasted pixels at the sides of the screen:


vs standard mode:


(I didn’t have Renoise in fullscreen there, but it doesn’t matter)

I mean - it’s not a huge issue, just something to keep in mind by the dev team in future updates :wink: