Note Automation/Controller

Hello to everyone,

Renoise is a great tool and I’m very glad I discovered it. Previously I used Impulse Tracker and Scream Tracker.

I always wanted to have the ability to apply sort of on-the-fly randomness to notes’ parameters like volume, pan, delay and (of course) commands in Effects column.
The idea is to have DSP controller that will expose the ability to alter every Note parameter on the fly via automation or by other DSPs.

  1. Choose track
  2. Apply ‘Note Automation’ DSP
  3. Choose params you want to expose and alter by other DSPs.

DSP Interface is somewhat similar to ‘Instr. Automation’ or ‘Instr. MIDI Control’.

What do you think?

I’m hoping for this in Renoise 3.0. In the meantime here’s something for you to play with:

Thanks for suggestion. Does it operate on notes?
I still have plenty of things to play with :)