Note Continue Without Loop Enabled

In the instrument tab, when a sample is being used, there is a little button next to the drop down of “Loop”, that allows the sample, once triggered, to play back unlooped until it reaches the end. You are not allowed to activate this unless a loop is set, but when I’m drumming, I want to be able to use this feature without the loop on. Is this feature somewhere else in the program? Am i missing something?

Nice arrow

This mostly works, thank you. The only problem is that if another note is trigger the one that was playing is cut off, which can be useful in the case of open and closed hi-hats, but not in the case of most everything else.

try setting NNA (New Note Action) to “continue” or to “note off” for all the samples in the instrument:

(look on the right side of the image)

I wouldn’t go all the way to 0, especially if setting NNA to Continue. Experiment and get a setting when your sample still play all the way through with a quick tap of the key. I know somewhere Taktik has explained how the Fadeout values are calculated but I can’t remember, bit of trial and error while watch the play cursor over the same on triggering works well enough for me…