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i’m making a kinda droney song at the mo. when editing and working on a pattern, is there a way to keep a note that was played in an earlier pattern playing in the current pattern?

not sure if that makes sense… :wacko:

if you meant “is it possible to have notes triggered in a previous pattern (i’ll call it pattern a) being played in the current pattern (= pattern b) even if they’re not triggered by playback (in pattern b). but IF they WERE triggered (back in pattern a), they would (still) be playing in the current pattern (b, that is)”, then the answer is: no, it is currently not possible. as renoise doesn’t have audiotracks.

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thanks chap…

Here’s how:

1: Make your source material fit into an exact number of beats (using sample editor with “snap to beats” feature turned on)
2: Retrig the sample at the top of each pattern using a sample offset (the 9xx command). Determine the sample offset by looking in the sample editor

Edit: works with vocal tracks and such…don’t know if it’s something of any use to you, but it’s how I do things :slight_smile:

coool. i’ll give that a whirl…