Note Cut Limit

during these days I’ve been in need of a note cut at the 15th ticks quite a lot of times.

However, when I try to put FF into the panning column, the command is just deleted and ignored, and indeed the tip at the bottom of the screen says that the range for this command if F0-FE.

So I ask: is there any reason for this? Which also leads to the question: what is FF reserved for?

moved from “help&support” to the bugs forum, since noone has given a reason for FF being reserved

Yips, there is a reason: The volum column (and all other columns) have a resolution of a byte, where 0xff is reserved for the None/Nil/Nothing value. More a historical reason, but I think you got the point …

ok, it’s fine for me, and I understand it.

Actually, it would be more coherent if tick-based commands (note cut, note delay, retrig) could be set up to Z, instead of only F, since we can use up to 31 ticks in one row.

I know, this would be quite a ninja-only feature, but let me dream, at least :)

Time for that suggested delay-column to implement :D