Note Delay And Cut Note After X Ticks

When i compose a hihat line i always fall on a problem:

C401 F1 ----
C401 00 ----
C401 F1 0D02 <----- Here the note is not cutted and i want it sounds like the others
C401 F1 ----

How can i set a note cut while a note delay is applied?

yes i can duplicate the sample and cut it with hand (Kaneel stylee) but i love to compose only with codes! :yeah:

in this case, you have to write this:
C-4 F3 0D02

the note will start at tick 02 (D02) and will be cut at tick 03 (F3)

Thanks a lot… I thought the cut note was delayed also :)

that would make impossible to do this:

01 C-4
02 C-4 F1 D3

in such situation, the first note gets cut at row 02, tick 01 (F1), then the second note gets played starting from tick 03 (D3).

this is a very nice trick which can be used in a variety of situations.

the fact that the F1 had no effect in your case is of course due to the fact that your hihat is a short sample and it ends before the first tick of row 02