Note delay ?

I dont find this in pattern commands ?

I have a problem with a song. the drumloop is breakbeat, and the lines pr beat setting makes it impossible to place a bass note in the right spot. its either too soon, or just a bit too late.

then i tried to record this note with my synth, but it dont record any latency settings with it, because the sound is a sample!

what is the code for shifting a sample note on a bit for/backwards ? so it will sync to my beat

i tried doing it all a sample, and cutting a small space away but thats shit.-…

Delay is its own dedicated column. At the bottom of the pattern editor you’ll see 3 buttons to toggle on and off, volume, delay, and pan.

I wrote a tool that helps working with the delay column (also vol and pan) recently. For the delay values you have a rotary slider and nudge buttons. May be of use to you:

In the following screen shot all these columns are shown. Delay has the value of 37 here. You can use the renoise shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + D” to show or hide the column or the renoise GUI button as Carbonthief mentioned. The tool however will automatically show/unhide the relevant columns when you move the rotary sliders to start changing the values.