Note Delays

It would be really cool if there would be a way to somehow set note “delays” (either in effect or panning column) backwards.
I mean that note would start for example not 1 tick after the row but rather it would start 1 tick before the row :)

I know that it souds weird :) but that would really help to program some groove templates!

I don’t think this wish will be granted.

However i did made a suggestion to add a function to the selection function (using the alt key)
and this one was when pressing alt+ctrl and drag mouse up down, the delay values will be shifted through. (cut commands when dragging the mouse up -> F[speed-1] to F0 and delay commands when dragging down -> D0 to D[speed-1])
It could be extended that if F0 is being reached, the note will be dragged one line up and being automatically given a D[speed-1] value.

In this case you have a similar way of shifting notes in a higher resolution like you can do in any other music host (dragging notes around)

It would remove pain-ass manually adjusting cut or delay values after dragging notes, or just remove pain-ass manually change the value in a general way.

yes, that is useful to drag samples around. But my point was rather to be able to make groove templates, so i can copy paste the volume/pan column to different beat patterns.

It would be great to have it that way for example: Dx will play note x ticks later and Ex will play x ticks earlier.

so if i have simple beat like this for example

c-401 00 00

c-402 00 00

c-401 00 00

c-402 00 00

then i can just copy paste my groove template (i.e. vol/pan column) and thats it.

for example

c-401 40 00

c-402 30 D1

c-401 40 00

c-402 10 E1

Right now i have to move the note one row up and apply delay “speed -1”
so at speed 6 i will have to…

c-401 40 00

c-402 30 D1

c-401 40 00
c-402 10 D5

but that note moving is pain in ass :w00t:

ps: don’t tell anyone i’ve said it, but i heard something about a high-tech nerdy scripting engine idea circulating in the team.

How about setting a starting point in the sample editor? This would be VERY handy some samples with lead-in. I guess such things are a bit more code/CPU intensive, but oh boy would it be sweet :dribble:

I don’t think that backward note delays are possible, since the audio is computed row by row, as far as I know

you can always make a little buffer ;)

To have the sound played before would probably cause a lot of trouble.

One interesting thing about this is that when you compose in a tracker you often get in trouble in the start of each pattern. This is bacause many instruments has a slow attack and thus must start a few ticks or even sometimes a few lines before the beat. So for instance a slow string would have to start one or 2 lines before the end of previous pattern.
Many percussion instruments can also improve greatly by starting a few ticks before.

However I think this issue should be dealt with in a clip arranger.
In the pinned Arranger thread, Martinal talks about clips that will belong to the pattern where the clip starts. However as I just described, in many cases you want the clip to start a few ticks/lines before. But the clip still belongs to the next pattern. Not the one it starts in.
Well this is not exactly the same thing as trackit talks about… but just shows a few problems with the current pattern structure.
I should post this in the arranger thread as well…