Note Indicator In Automation Editor

I think this should be pretty selfexplainatory. When editing automation envelopes there could be some visual indicator of where you have placed notes in the respective track. Maybe have some distinction for notes in different subtracks and indicators for note-off, too?
Quick MSPaint mockup:

hmmm, the indicator for where your cursor is on the current track has always been enough for me… i just move my way to where the notes on the track are, and i have this feature.
however, i think you want to see at a glance? because it would be a bit faster? i’m not sure about this one… let’s hear what others think.

I’m with rhowaldt and all his anagrams

How about vertical automation next to the track itself? ;)

Only kidding, been suggested enough times in the past. Not sure about this, also find that moving the edit cursor in the pattern has generally been enough, although if checking through a few patterns as something seems to sound wrong somewhere but hard to pick out just what something like this may be advantageous…