Note Length/duration

Hi, I’ve been experimenting with ReNoise a bit as a slick way for me to compose outside of Logic Pro. I first got into the tracker scene back in 1986/87 with my Amiga 2000 :slight_smile: God, those were the days…

ANYWAY! I notice that the keyboard jamming allows me to hold notes on until I release the key. This is great when I am jamming with some of my favorite VSTi synths. Unfortunately, when I finally get some great idea or progression played live, when I enter it into the Pattern Editor all the notes seem to be one-tick (by tick I mean one of the horizontal positions) long only.

This is seriously limiting. I need to be able to play notes of any duration, similar to a piano roll editor like in Logic Pro. Back when I was using buzz, you could tell Buzz to hold the previous note by pressing the period (.) key, I think. It would place a vertical marker in that tick location and hold the note for as long as there were periods in the ticks. (Periods in the ticks? I need to work on my terminology.)

How do I hold notes on in Renoise’s pattern editor? Please tell me this is possible!



Awww crap, I think I just found the answer deeper in posts. Sorry, please disregard my newbie ass.


You probably meant 1 row instead of one tick since one row consists out of [speed] ticks.
Assumably you attempted to have a note cut in between two row positions.
And you probably found the answer in the fact that turning on the “record note delay” option resolved your problem (as this will set a delay whenever a key is pressed half way up to the next row or set a cut command whenever a key is released half way up (or somewhere in between) to the next row)

Can you expand on this? I’m having trouble finding the post that Pranakhan found. I tried putting a note-off command in another column and setting a delay, but it seems the note-off only cuts the instrument on that column, not the entire track, which makes sense. Is there a way to set the duration of a note without using up a line for a note-off command?

Using note-cut in the volume or panning column will also serve as note-off for plugins: Fx where x can range from 1 to F. This ofcourse also only counts for the note in the specific column the vol/pan column belongs to, but you don’t need to expand one row to add a note-off.
For sample based instruments, the cut command unfortunately cuts without finishing a sustained envelope.

Ahhh, that’s how you do it. Thanks.