Note Length Modifier (Pattern Effect)

since in renoise right now to make a very short note (shorter than 1 ‘line’) on the start of a line, except for making one with a delay and off note quick after that, recording to sample, and then putting that sample on the beginning of the line again without the delay… would it be a good idea to have a pattern effect for this? other daws such as fl enable one to specify note length much shorter than a line…

Fx command in Pan or Vol column?

Note Cut - Where x is number of ticks based on your song’s Tick Per Line setting.

shouldn’t this be in Ideas/Suggestions?

i would personally find it more interesting to have a full ‘pattern zoom’ function, as discussed in the ‘clips’ thread (i think), instead of a pattern command.

Anybody going to tell me what is wrong with the Note Cut command?

Although it is a shame Renoise wont record them when playing live.

Note Cut is not the same as Note Off unless the sample doesn’t have sustain on.

Fair enough, I rarely use the Envelopes so have to admit I’d never noticed until just testing now.

OK thanks kazakore :)
and @ rhowaldt, yes, it should’ve been. i thought it was.

Moved and added an extra description to clear out a specific thing. Note-cut is indeed not note-off. For plugins it is send as a note-off but for internal instruments this effect is treated as designed.
A dedicated note-off column would resolve this matter for all type of instruments.

Additionally, if a dedicated note-off column was implemented, the note-cut command could actually cut the note for plugins instead of sending note-off.

I wonder if there is another solution than adding yet another column though.

Removing all the columns and stuff the info into note-clips instead. Hovering above a note reveals a line (shifting to the right or left) containing all related effects, panning etc for it that you can change.
We could perhaps even stuff the effect column into it. Each note column having a dedicated effect column in its clip.