Note Length

Hey everybody. I’m a new user that just switched from a regular “horisontal” based sequencer. My first question is regarding the length of a note. In a regular sequencer the note can be “dragged” and it’s position and length can thus be adjusted. How is this process translated into Renoise?

The length of the note is determined by a note-off symbol placed in the same note-column on a later line. If you want a note to terminate somewhere on the same line, use a note-cut command in the volume or panning column. The default end-terminator can be set with the default keyboard key “Caps-lock”. If you have a laptop or a computer where the capslock is requiring to be pressed twice before the note-off symbol is added, reassign the shortcut to the “a” key.

If you just want a quick idea of what i was speaking of, hit the right shift key and then press the Q key and release it. To create a larger note, hold the key longer.

So basically if you want to ‘move’ the note forward in time, you will want to select the note and down until the ‘OFF’ note. Then you can move this with use of mouse, keyboard, or for small adjustments, the ‘nudge’ option under ‘Notes’ in the Advanced Edit section to the right of the pattern editor.

Thanks for the fast reply. What I am actually doing is playing an external keyboard. When I release the note on the keyboard I don’t get a note off.

You should do if you’re in edit mode as you’re pressing keys. (ESC to get into edit mode, or the circle symbol in the top left.)

Well I do get notes on but not notes off.

Edit mode while playing the pattern/song :)

I’m sorry but I think you did not understand me. I know I have to press the Escape key to enter the edit mode. What is happening is that when in Edit mode, using my external Korg midi keyboard, when I press and hold a key I should get a note ON and a note OFF event, shouldn’t I? What I see happening is just notes on events. I tried the Caps Lock key and it works but it would be almost impossible to play the keyboard and press the Capslock key at the same time.

Maybe check the midi preferences if note-off recording is turned on or off.

You are playing live, with the song playing? Otherwise how is it going to know where to put the Note Off?

You don’t have Note Offs unticked in the MIDI Preferences do you?

Checked midi options to record midi off notes and they are on and I am playing live (I am pressing the space bar to start the song and I see the tracks rolling. Also I am pressing the escape key to enable recording). Also checked with MIDIOX to make sure the keyboard is transmitting midi off events and it does.

What you can do in Renoise, is enable Duplex, pick your keyboard as the duplex device in the duplex submenu, and in its configuration select your midi input.
For the next thing, you have to enable the Lua terminal in Renoise by editing the config xml file in notepad or similar editor (close Renoise before you alter that config file) in the Renoise preferences folder (help -> Show preference folder) by setting the key to true.
If the scriptingdevelopment tools environment is enabled, reopen Renoise, then enable the Midi dump option in the duplex submenu, you can see the messages coming from your keyboard in the scripting terminal (Tools -> Scripting terminal & Editor).

I’m wondering what is exactly coming through here.

Note off events can be sent in a few ways. A true note-off event, or the same note with velocity value 0 are the two i know of.

I’m having some difficulty finding the Duplex option. I’ve tried to install the external Duplex tool version 0.97 but it is incompatible with version 2.8.1? I’ve found and set to true the ShowScriptingDevelopmentTools option.

Never mind, found the beta version. Testing now!

This is the output of MIDIOX. So it does send the same note but with the value of 0.

This is the output from Renoise:

Settings panel

Tracks screen

Notice the 90 command (Note On) and 80 command (Note Off) as you would expect. Your wording makes it sound a little like you meant the devices sends a Note On of zero velocity for a Note Off, which I have read some devices do or will at least accept.

All I can say is everything looks correct to me. I assume by now the computer has had a full restart?

Have you maybe got some MIDI Mappings which is making it behave weird? MIDI Mapping is always saved with the Song. You could try clearing any you have and saving under a new name. Does this happen with a New Song? Maybe something strange in your Template file. Seems unlikely though…

You could also try disabling all Tools and then seeing if it makes any difference. Possibly there is something causing havoc with Note Offs for some reason, although again seems unlikely to me.

After that the only thing I could suggest is trying a fresh reinstall of Renoise…

His device really sends a note-off in the $80 range.
My midi keyboard sends velocity 00 in the same $90’s range that it also sent the note-on.

Looks like a bug in Renoise, because Duplex also nicely receives the commands. However it is a very weird bug, i suppose Renoise should support note-off byte in the midi messaging…
Or it perhaps expect the same velocity value that was send with the note on value.
MidiOx allows you to change values right? what happens if you instruct MidiOX to always send full 7F velocity values on all $80 and $90 byte notes?

I’d read some devices do but not personally knowingly experienced it. My point was the way he described it sounded like he thought his did whereas the images showed it in fact didn’t, and rather send real Note Off messages.

I would think it very strange if that’s the case…

Maybe a Renoise reinstall is the best step ;)