Note-off + Capslock

That’s probably not new at all… but I was SO surprised to see it in action that I must really suggest you to keep it in mind!

To INSERT a Note-Off in a track the default key is set to CAPS-LOCK…
If you decide to change the position of Note-Off you can delete the old one and write a new one in the needed position… you can also inserts/cancel empty spaces untill the Note-Off goes where you wanted it to be…


You can target the new Note-Off position and press
SHIFT + INSERTNOTEOFF (Default: Capslock)

The old Note-Off will be automatically deleted from its old position and a new Note-Off will be added to your track at your current cursor position.

:o :D

I don’t know if this feature existed before the actual version but I’ve found it only today… and I must say I would really have enjoyed knowning this when I started using Renoise! :lol:

New users can probably find this usefull! :)

That’s pretty smart, i did’nt know of it either. Guess it’s “manual study time” when 1.5 hit the streets. :rolleyes:

hmmm… I think it should be a default behaviour, since there’s no point in inserting multiple noteoffs in a row.

I’ve changed my keyboard mapping to it ;)

Doh… I realized right now that I wrote a nonsense title…

That was supposed to be SHIFT + NOTEOFF :P :)

…I guess you all got the point anyway :lol:

Agree on that… even if I’m a little concerned about what it-alien could think of this… :ph34r:
if there is a remote chance of some weird situation that, for a reason or the other, requires more than one noteoff… then It-alien is the one who knows it :rolleyes: :P :lol:

( I can’t really figure out such a situation by myself )

even if there’s such situation, I think it’s so damn rare, that a typical user won’t ever know about it. I would say that the default combinations of those two kinds of inserting note-offs should be changed with each other.

I really didn’t know it and I’m almost sure that it’s just a great Renoise-feature.
Thanks Parsec.

In FT2 this could have been of some use, given that you used it together with insturment retrigging:

C-4 01 40 —
ooo oo oo off
ooo 01 oo off
ooo oo oo off

The second 01 retriggers the note so you can put another note off without specifying a note.

And yes… that was some rubbish talk, you’ve got it :)

If you do for example a simple bassline you might have a bass each four lines and a note off each other four lines. In that case maybe you insert the note offs first… only situation I can think of. Probably noone who does it this way anyhow :) I see no reason to not change the default key…

The smart-note-off (shift-capslock) is also usefull because of the fact that you can hold the keys to repeat insertions. This doesn’t work with a single capslock (without the shift).

So first enter CTRL+4 and then push Shift-Capslock for supah-quick bassline editing ;)

don’t understand the whole thread :blink: i only use smart-noteoff … and i mapped it to the RETURN key … it’s like my old MED edit style B)

I think I’m going to map it to the Impulse tracker setting. Nine out of ten times I end up hitting tab and jump a channel. ;)

i found the noteoff fuction the first day i started using 281
but i didnt quite understand what you were sayin up there

i make amen mashup ragga jungle so i had to find something like that
i’m still deeply satisfied with shellin out tha 48 bucks yesterday i’m lovin 1.5
little quirky at times but the brilliance of it all is worth credit

Btw, in 1.5 this has been made the default (capslock), and the old
mode is shift+capslock. In addition, try ctrl+ those two shortcuts:
this adds noteoff to all notecolumns in the track.

Have to say thanks for another time saving feature!