Note Off In Delay Column Anf Fx Command

Hello everybody,

I want to program some precise staccato notes.
Until now I did it by using the Fx command in volumen/panning column.
Problem about Fx: sometimes it’s a bit “unprecise” (only 16 ticks)

Since there’s now the Delay column with it’s 256 slot precision, I was
looking for a possibility to “cut” the note length by using the Delay column.

Now I know that one can also enter note OFF’s in Delay column,
but the problem here: what can I do if I need a really short staccato < 1 Line ?
Must I temporarily alter the LPB value in that case (like in Renoise sublines demo song) ?
Would be really cumbersome.

Any other ideas ?

Thanks in advance

this is a problem I face with from time to time.

here it is my workaround:

suppose you want to start the note at row 01 and stop it after 20h/FF slices:

## | note ins del  
00 | C-4 01 FF  
01 | OFF -- 1F  

rather silly, huh? :rolleyes:

Ahh :slight_smile: … ok, I’ll try that.
Indeed a bit “strange”, but I guess the only possiblity we have right now.
Now I understand better why people are craving for a piano roll editor ;-).

Maybe another solution would be a kind of “note-length” fx command or note length column (analog to delay ?) Or a combined delay/length column ?
But I guess this has been discussed 1000 times before here in the forums

thanks a lot !

I actually came across this problem two days ago and doubled my LPB for the whole song to give me at least a little more accuracy but still not as much as I really wanted. I thought I remembered a Cut Note After X Ticks but couldn’t remember it or find it in the drop down list (assume this is the Fx in the Vol/Pan column you mention so that’s good to know, the list must only display full pattern commands.)

It-Alien’s work around is OK and gets you close, but what if you have already programmed a groove using the delay column so moving back that far, or forwards to next line, is going to affect your sound too much?

Would be nice to have Vol and Pan command entry added to the pull down list too.

For me the whole thing feels a bit like a design weakness of Renoise.
Note position can easily and precisely be defined, but length only with extra effort / via OFF cmd + delay col (!).
IMO a bit “unbalanced” -> is position more important than length ?

It not the size that matters but how you use it (read: where you put it.) ;)

ok, maybs a stupid question but… the zoom function that i’ve seen talked about here, would that be able to make finer resolutions appear and thus enable faster note-offs?

right, you can set different LPB values with the F1xx command. If you increase the LBP value, you also have to insert more lines.
I think the best is it to do use a new seperate pattern with increased resolution.
But for single notes this is a PITA.