Note Off / Midi Assign And A Bunch Of Other Stuff

hi everyone, ok i’m not really a renoise beginner, i’m ok with old school tracking but yesterday i received my brand new korg padkontrol :)
and I’m trying to play with it within my fav software.

excuse my english

Creating a new instrument with several samples in it, assign each sample to a pad (a note) ,then :

my first question is : when trigering a sample, how can I let it play till the end, even if sending a noteoff ? I’ve tried the “nna” “continue” is sample properties but doesnt work. ie, for a snare, if I just hit the pad shortly, the sample will only play the first milliseconds and then stop. I’d like to hit and hear the snare in its full length ?
This can be done in editing the Instrument, but then the volume etc applies to all samples in the instrument

I admit this is almost my first time in trying to create a instrument set or even a drumkit. Maybe there’s a tutorial somewhere.

2nd question, the most important one :
Is there a way in Renoise, to assign a midi channel to an instrument ?
Like, if I hit a C1 in midi channel 1, it triggers a vst in first instrument slot.
Another note in midi channel 2, it plays the sample in 2nd slot… etc

I don’t wanna buy Cubase … :( please help lol

For the pads: Renoise -> Preferences -> MIDI -> Ignore (Uncheck) “Note Offs”

thks, unfortunaly I’d like to use some of the pads to trigger/note off some loops…
I would need a “one shot” loop option for samples

Does Renoise can see on wich midi channel a note is send ? Or that doesn’t make any difference ?