Note-off MIDI difficulties

Hey guys, I’ve recently started using the demo version of Renoise and am close to buying its full version. I’ve just bought my first synth and I’m very new to the world of music production!

Anyways, I’m having some trouble trying to record note-offs. My synth is controlled by a MIDI keyboard and both are hooked up to my notebook through USB. I’ve set up a new instrument in Renoise for my synth. If, while reording, I play a note on my MIDI keyboard and release it, the note will not automatically register that I’ve released the note. Is this something I’ve set up wrongly on my end or is it intentional?

I saw this other thread ( but couldn’t figure it out. Thanks in advance!

Well, for whatever reason I haven’t had problems with the stuff in that thread. I have had stuff filtered (Edit>Preferences>MIDI…) that I didn’t mean too, though.

Did you check in there to see that Note Offs is checked? It should be checked if you want them.

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I’ve that checked! I guess it must’ve something to do with me playing and outputting the recording on the synth…