Note Off noise

I’m trying cut a sample off in a pattern. I get a digital scratch sound whenever I try it. Is there a better way to silence the sample than using note off. Or should I just lower the volume abruptly?

Have you tried enabling this button in the sample properties? (assuming 3.0, but 2.8 has the same feature in sample properties)

If that is still too abrupt of a cut, you could use a very short volume release envelope.

Thanks. I’m not sure what that does (using Renoise 2.8). I do have the sample set on Autoseek. Should I have the button set to off for a noiselss Note Off?

Using volume ramping with very short decay sizes works best. If that only needs to be a specific sample/note, then the 0Oxx volume fadeout command will do (followed by a note off)
But if you still get that scratch when triggering a note off afterwards:check your note-off keyzone if there is not some edgy sample attached to the note-off layer.

OK vV will try that and thanks.