Note Off Problem - Maybe A Bug?


Just finishing off my first Renoise song using only samples through Renoise and Quadrasid VST (& Renoise FX).

On only one block, there is an audiable click during playback (a few seconds into the block). I have isolated it to be on the bass instrument on the Quadrasid and that it only clicks when I have note off commands on tracks 2 & 3 (bassline is on track 1).

When the note off commands are removed, the click does not apear, BUT…

There is then a kind of ‘stack-up’, when it moves to the next block and a noticable delay in the starting of the next block (like the dreaded ‘midi overload’ kind of delay, when you have too many instruments playing at the start of a block)?

Anybody have any ideas what the hell is going on? I have been messing around with it for a while now and it’s starting to drive me nuts!!! :angry:

BTW, later on in the song there are loads more tracks (including the ones in the troublesome block) and there is no problem whatsoever…

AMD Athlon XP 2800 (2.08ghz)
SB Audigy
1GB memory
Abit MB

Thanks in advance for any suggestions…


I’m not sure if this is a bug. But from my experience it can be related to the sample you are using. Basssounds especially with a (s)low sinus can cause a clicky sound when cut off.

Guess you’ve already thought of this… but try to increase the release time slightly so the instrument won’t be cut instantly.

Thanks Rick & Johan, but it is a VSTI that is clicking, not a sample and the note cut-off command is on a totally seperate track…

i.e. - I am not cutting off the bass instrument with the note off command, yet it is suffering a click about 2 seconds after the command. It is not related to the decay of the instrument in any way.

Another weird thing is that it only happens when I play the whole song from the start (or at least a few blocks in). If I just play that one block on its own it doesn’t happen! Weird! :unsure:


Would be cool if you could send us the song (to bug at renoise dot com), so that we could take a look at this problem.

OK - I will send a package tonight detailing what block & what point in the song the click occurs etc (would do it now, but I’m out for lunch)!

Thanks for your help :)



OK - this damn bug appeared yet again in a new song that I am making and so I spent the whole afternoon tracking the f**ker down!

It is NOT to do with the note-off commands (well, not directly) but to do with the ‘Auto suspend’. I recalled having problems with the same function on Fruity loops a few years ago and thought it may be the same thing on Renoise - it is…

Basically, it seems that when the auto suspend turns off the cpu usage for a track, there is (and this may be VST dependent) and audiable cick. You may not hear this if you are doing up tempo or loud music, but on quieter tracks it is definitley there (esp if you drop the mix right down to 2 or 3 instruments).

The solution is of course to turn off the auto suspend, which fixed the problem for both of my songs (but of course this gives you much less CPU to play with) :(

Is there any way to fix this - the sound is almost like when a sound does not have enough release and so ‘clicks’ to a stop. Is there a way of adding more of a ‘release’ or ‘decay’ to the auto suspend?.. Am I just talking shit?.. ;)

Anyway, hope this is of use to someone somewhere…


Are the clicks noticable when rendering as well?

Yes - noticable on render as well.

Taktik has a copy of the file if you want to listen to it, or I can email it to you. Have had no problems since turning off the auto suspend… :D


If the VSTI’s do some sort of diskcaching or directfromdisk reading, this may be a cause.
But i can also understand why certain vsti’s do not suspend themselves if you would turn autosuspend option off.
(Suspecting the programmers debugged their plug this way and Taktik’s trick brings them back to the surface)