Note-Off Problem

I’m having a problem with live recording. Whether I record with the computer keys or a midi keyboard, it doesn’t record any note-offs. Everything else records fine (note-on, velocity, delay. I’ve tried quantized and non-quantized.

Even with LPB set to 32, I don’t see any note-offs at all.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Make sure Note Offs is ticked.

Hmmmm, I looked at my preferences and it’s ticked. This is weird.

More info: I’m running the demo (2.7.2) on a Macbook Pro OSX 10.6.8

You wont get any Note Offs if the sample has played to the end by the time you release the key. I assume this is on a long sample, yeah?

I actually had to check the above applied to computer keyboard as I was thinking it was MIDI only but it does.

Other than that I dunno, except:


LOL! Well, (the renoise community might kill me for this) I was just testing out the pattern editor. I hadn’t made any instruments or dropped any samples in yet. I should prob try that. LOL ohhh boy.

To be fair we’re generally all happy when the solution turns out to be a simple one. Sounds like this is solved :)