Note Off Recording Problem

Renoise 2.0 Beta 5 midi record not work fine with my CME UF5 midi keyboard.
Always record track contains too much note offs.
Record contains note off after note immediately even if i don’t release my fingers in keyboard.
Midi record work fine with Renoise 1.9.
CME UF5 midi keyboard is connect to my computer with usb-cabel.
Midi keyboard use UF USB MIDI driver version
Operating system is Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3.

And could you please also check if this happens in other applications as well? You could use MidiOX to test what the keyboard sends.

Maybe the keyboard got broken or you’ve configured it by accident to always send a noteoff after a noteon?

Thanks for help! Problem solved! MidiOX program showed me that midi keyboard send data to dual midi channels. Then i just pressed midi keyboard dual button. That it! All works now fine!