Note Off Release Simulation - Instrument Editor


Problem in the instrument editor:

I have a sound that is looped in the sample editor, I also looped the volume envelope so the volume stays the same while the note is “on”. I have made a sustain point outside the loop with a lower volume, the point after that the volume is zero, yes exactly, it’s a fade out!

I can’t get my note offs make the cursor in my envelope jump out of the loop to the sustain point.

What am I doing wrong, should I use another technique to get the same result?

Thanks in advance!


I’m sorry, this is another missing feature in the current XRNI design: more advanced loop modes are needed.

I have already taken note of this in the past, so this is already in my big to-harass-taktik-about list

Ow I thought I did something wrong. Thanks for your reply!

sp: Poor Taktik, I didn’t mean to harass him :(

I hope you discovered the “sustain” node when you retreated your answer.
You can always use the fade-out value to make a volume envelop fade out even when looped.
Though you can only advance using a note-off if you use a sustain point with that.
The only bummer is that what works for the sustain point does not work for a loop.

What do you mean with retreated answer?

I thought you wrote you “did something wrong” which looked like you withdrew your question that you posted, but it is my mistake that i misread that line.
So forget that remark.
(the rest of the answer might be of use though)