Note off tool? (issues sequencing korg ms-20)

The envelopes on ms-20 does not retrigger. I often copy a drum groove to the track wich triggers ms-20, wich means that i manually have to enter the off command before every new note.

Is there any tool that automatically insert a off command before every new note? Or other work arounds?
I’ve tried Note Off Tool | Renoise but does not do exactly what i want.

In edit mode pressing A on the line you want sets an off command. Does this also not work?

Yes thats not the problem. Read again :slight_smile:

That could be an MS-20 issue. I had the updated model about 5 years ago, and one of the peculiarities of the synth was the lack of re-triggered envelopes. The sound had to completely fade out to get the next triggered attack, otherwise it would just keep the envelope fully open.

I believe they updated the OS to change that, but it wasn’t perfect.

Plenty of my hardware synths require the note-off command for the next note to trigger properly. Since I’ve ran into that issue I’ve been very diligent in inserting note-off commands. Even on tracks that don’t strictly need it. It’s not a thing I think about anymore and just do.

Yeah, it’s about last note priority, korg ms-20 “is high-note legato priority (ie; envelope does not retrigger)”.
I think it can be solved with a Kenton USB Solo wich have note priority. But it’s expensive…

Hm, what kind of OS are you refering to?

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I think its way too tedious and it interruputs my flow.

A script or something would be sweet.

MS-20 USB to accept Korg updates - they made OS adjustments.