Note-off velocities?

I just got a keyboard which sends different note-off velocities depending how fast you take your fingers off the keys. These are NOT received by pianoteq when it’s a VST plugin instance in renoise, only note-off of 64 ever gets sent to plugins!!!

Note-off velocity? For what?
If a note-off signal is sent, then the note is off. No matter what velocity it has, off is off in my opinion…:thinking:

Think he must have a keyboard with analog input and just want the velocity to be captured.

Uh, note-off velocity represents how fast you take your fingers off the keys. The end of piano notes sounds different if you release the keys fast or slowly.

What keyboard is it by the way?

Roland FP-4F. Note-offs work beautifully in pianoteq standalone, but when i use it as a plugin in renoise, nope :confused:

Yeah, Renoise support for note-off/key-lift velocities would be great. No reason to filter it. OFF also can have a velocity value.

As far as I know, the value of the volume in the note-OFF never does anything. I’m wrong? That is to say, it does not matter if there is a value or not, it will be ignored, because the note will already be cut.

You can also accompany it with other values, such as the value of the instrument, or the value of the panning, but I believe that they do not have any effect.

The only value that makes sense is the value of the delay.

Yes it will be ignored BY RENOISE, but AFAIK you can see that note-off velocities are at least received, in the midi monitor.

NOTE-OFF velocity is part of midi standard.

Indeed. And Pianoteq perfectly simulates the different speeds at which the dampers come down and press against the strings. With a keyboard that supports note-off velocities, it sounds different if you release the keys quickly or slowly (when the sustain pedal is not pressed of course)