Note-off With Slayer 2?

Hi Everyone.

I downloaded the Slayer 2 VST demo lastnight and had a bit play around with it on Renoise. The only problem I had with it is that I can’t silence notes once they sound. I placed some OFF’s (with Caps Lock key) on my track but it had no effect at all. I even tried a 00 velocity note since Slayer only seems to play one note at a time but that didn’t work.

Has anyone else had any dealings with ReFx Slayer?

Better still, would anyone have any Renoise Slayer tracks with cool guitar effects that they’d like to share?


note off should work properly with Slayer. Are you sure that sustain is off? try sending a CC#64 with value 00 (C0 4000)

PS: I’m writing from a text-only browser at the moment, so I cannot easily search, but I have made a song with slayer some years ago. Please click on the “music” link below in my signature and look for the song “Samba para mi” in the list of song. It’s surely quite after the first page.

Cheers ITA. Sustain will probably be on. I just read about OFF - no doubt it will be sending a note-off command to Slayer. I guess I’m in need of a way of telling Slayer to “be quiet now”. :slight_smile:

I’d love to check out your song - would you have the .RNS file at the link or just the MP3? Back in the old days I learned to use the effects by loading other musicians mods into my Amiga to see how they’d used them - thats the sort of thing I’m after if you don’t mind.

I’m also at work so I can’t try anything for another 8 hours or so… Then I’ll be too tired when I get home… Sigh… :)

I will publish the RNS file as soon as I will go home today; it would be good if you publish an example RNS with which you have the problem so that I can check it.

the OGG version of the song is available here.

Yeah I’d be happy to do that… Just figured out how to upload it somewhere too: here.

I’ve just given your tune a listen. I stuck it on and thought jazz… groovy… now where on earth could Slayer be used here. :slight_smile: And there it is around 2:40! Boy I wasn’t expecting that electric solo but thats really cool! I’m a big fan of progressive rock/metal so I expect the unexpected.

I just tried the C0 4000 out too - didn’t have any effect :( Have a play with my file and see if you can get it to work if you like. When it wraps around from pattern 02 back to 00 you’ll hear the sustain on the second track which is what needs to be turned off.

I haveuploaded my RNS file here. To be correctly listened to, of course you would need more VST instruments than just Slayer.

concerning your song, I think that the only problem is with the “release” parameter which is set too high; to achieve a faster decay, act on release and on damping. You can also modify these parameters in the song using pattern commands (MIDI CC Messages) or by using an Automation Device or a MIDI-CC Device (which is called MIDIControl Device since Renoise 2.1); in this last case, look at Slayer’s manual to know which CC messages correspond to the different knobs in the graphical interface.

Thanks for that. Soon as the weekend is over I will give this all a go. I’m sure I’ll have heaps of fun with your RNS file - it will certainly inspire my time with Slayer! I’m gonna have to write me a summary manual for my favourite toys. :)

And yep! The key to shutting my powerchords up was to set the Release CC to zero (C0 48 00 I think it was).