Note Off

What is the best way to overcome the annoying habit of constantly making short loops?!

I have 100+ files on my laptop of things I’ve started, but can never seem to turn into full songs.

So the problem isn’t lack of ideas, and I know I just need to focus on developing what I’ve done, but…how?

Also, as the title suggested, is it possible to enter the NOTE OFF with a command when the track is not playing or does it only work when you actually play notes?


I can’t really say much about the first problem you mentioned, since I suffer from it myself :)

But the Note Off thing is easy enough: While in record/edit mode (toggle it with the ESC key by default), you can insert a Note Off with the Caps Lock key.

He said when track is not playing, which confused me. Think he means like clicking the Stop button twice to silence everything. Not sure if there is a way to do this with keyboard only…

Which it normally isn’t when you’re just in the standard (ie. stopped) edit mode :)

Preferences > Keys > Global > Transport > Panic

Ahh, excellent!

Thanks :)

im suffering from "its so hard continuing working on a track the next day" :confused:

no solution by now :huh:

Don’t sleep :)

haha yeah, my current record is 12 hours nonstop *g
after that the track was finished (thx renoise god !) but my head felt really weird :panic: ^_^

re: not finishing tracks;

i think lots of people have that same ‘problem’. i am doing electronic music for i think 3 years, and only recently got around to working on the same track the second day. i even worked on one track for maybe a full week! if all is well, i’ll actually finish the track. most of the time i’ll get tired of it, or my head is in a different mood, so i decide to start afresh. i don’t worry about it too much. i just have a folder named ‘sketch’, in which all of the sketches go, and a folder for songs that i am enthousiastic about and want to continue. once in a while i go through both folders, listen to whatever i got, insert three notes here, add an effect there, and generally don’t change much :). when i really think something was bullshit i delete the file. and sometimes a sketch gets me enthusiastic and i make it into a bigger song, and it gets its own folder.

my best tip: don’t worry about it too much. go with the flow, be patient.