Note Offs Moving on multiple columns

I have something that’s bugging me. Don’t know if it is an app thing or if it is a user problem.

In a pattern I have been sequencing notes and note offs. The problem is that if I have a note off in one column and I insert a note off in a nearby row (say down one note), the program moves the other note off to be parallel to the new one. This is kind of a hassle because then I have to move the original one back to where it was.

Is there a setting that prevents this? Is this a bug?

It’s not a huge deal but it is a little annoying and does create extra work.

this is a feature called smart note off.

two cosnecutive note off’s without a note in between would have no sense (or maybe I didn’t get the meaning of what you have written, in which case is my reply which have no sense :))

Perhaps an example would be better.

Let’s say I have a VST on track 1 and enter a note on number 12 and a note off on 13 in one column. In another column, I have a note on at 13 and then want to enter a note off at 14. When I do this, it enters the note off at 14 in the second column but moves the note off in the first column from 13 to 14.

well, this should not happen… does this happen only with VST instruments or with sample-based instruments also? does this occur with a specific VSTi?

i’m puzzled about this

I’ll try to get more specifics tonight or tomorrow. I only encountered it last night because I had a complicated bass line I was writing. Usually, note offs are spaced farther apart, but I was creating a passage that used a variety of close and longer note durations.

The VST is Kontakt2 using a Vapor soundset.

This is definitely a problem. I confirmed it again last night. It happens with any VST on any track where there are multiple note columns. Is it possible that this is due to having the chord mode button pressed? I didn’t think of that last night. Regardless, it would still be a nuissance because I have chord mode on whenever I am recording something because of note overlap.

Steps to reproduce (with chord mode on). Load VST instrument. Insert note in left column, then note off immediately after (for example, 1 and 2). In the second column insert a note (for example on 2) and then a note off following (on 3). The note off in the first column moves to the position of the note off in the second column.

Is it possible to just turn off this “smart note” feature?

I’m sorry, I cannot reproduce this… with fixed chord mode (via button), everything goes fine. With temporary chord mode (LSHIFT pressed while inserting note), the behaviour is less intiutive but the notes do not get moved.

tried with Pianoteq2.2 and Kontakt2

The notes don’t get moved, the note offs do.

Okay, I’m an idiot. I went back to the offline documentation. I was using a line note off. Didn’t know there were two different note off commands.

Carry on.