Note-Offs On Instrument Switch

Are note-offs sent when switching from instrument to instrument on the same track? I ask because it seems to not be the case. I can use multiple tracks and place note-offs between one instrument and the next and it works just fine. But when on the same track, one VST synth will bleed into another (even without any release time, for instance).

I’d really like to cut my teeth on this feature of Renoise… Especially now that I have three laptops wired up with EthernetMidi. Which is a great program BTW.

Hmmm… This just clued me into why it might be happening: If one midi channel is set per-instrument, then a note played on one channel maybe won’t get an “off” automatically upon upon switching to an instrument on a different channel. But I don’t really know how Renoise works yet.


If you stick each specific instrument to a dedicated note-column, you can always use a note-off to it. For VST instruments, setting a Fx command (notecut) will be send as a note-off allowing you to change between two instruments in the same note-column, but to VST and Midi instruments only