'note on' advances phrase editor to next step / line .

Just like the gate trigger in on a tb303 , modular sequencers etc …feeding the gate out of a sequencer into the gate in of another seq.

Say you have a phrase sequencer that has eight lines , on every line a note .

As it is now , whenever the phrase sequencer receives a note on message , it starts triggering it’ s whole phrase ( or partially when received a note off )

Suggestion would be , when it receives a note on , it advances one step …so if it’s receives Three succesive notes , it will advance to the next 3 lines ,

NO note received means the phrase editor stays stationary …waiting for another ‘note on’ to advance to the next line etc…

This way we can can really scroll trough the phrase seq. at a defined speed . .
Of course this setting would be optional .

NO one ?

I think it would be great

I think it’s quite a neat idea. A step-by-step play mode for phrases.

I guess you can kind of fake it from the pattern editor by using Sxx and note cut, but your suggestion is much faster.

To me, it would mainly be a way to try different rhythms (from the main pattern editor), while the phrase takes care of providing a flow of voices from a chord.

EDIT: If there was a 0 LPB mode for phrases (zero speed, just one line played), it would be enough to just trigger it with Sxx (play phrase from line) from the pattern editor? Maybe that’s a more general and simple solution. It takes an extra command from the main pattern editor, but also seems a lot more flexible.