Note Probability Column?

Just a small suggestion, would anyone else find this useful? I imagine it being grouped with the vol/pan/dly columns.

Could be useful/fun I imagine, to add some random variation. But there’s no need to add another column I think, it could be added as a pattern effect command.

Yea, either way would be fine with me. I was just thinking all the appropriate letters were already taken in the new effects command system. :D

Well I have no idea if there are any slots left in the pattern effects system, but I figured since it was expanded recently there should be some free ones.

Yea I’m sure they could sqeeze it in somehow, volume and pitch randomization effects with a definable range would be nice too.

Was about to suggest exactly that. Not sure which letter as P (Probability) and R (Random) are both taken. F I think is first unused…

0Fxx - 0F00 would mean a note is never played, 0FFF would mean it’s always played, 0F80 would mean it’s played 50% of the time.

Another Pattern Effect I was also going to recommend in the thread I was gonna make ;)

Humanise command

0Hxy - There are two modes I thought might be suitable for this.

  1. x = range Vol and Pan may be varied above what is is played at. y = range Vol and Pan may be varied below what they have been played at. Would be nice to include Delay but don’t think you can trigger with a negative Delay due to the way Renoise reads the pattern.

  2. x = Range Vol may vary above and below that played. y = range Pan may vary above and below that played.

In both cases the range should use a multiplier. Either 16 to give full range, or 8 to give half range, seem good choices…

Didn’t actually notice that until after I had posted. Good to see we’re on the same page though ;)

Humanized pattern commands is a brilliant idea. Being able to give a min and max randomized value for any command would get a big +1 for me.

These crude randomizations are never very useful in practice… or when they do get used, I’ve never heard the results being very musical. I think if you want to get serious about non-deterministic music, you have to have finer control over how probability distributions are coupled (certainly feasible if you dig into scripting). Never heard simple note probabilities getting good results.

Well that may be your opinion, but I completely disagree. It IS very useful if done properly, especially for live use. I know of other production software that’s had these exact requested features for 10+ years, and have seen some amazing stuff being created by friends…which is exactly why I was hoping to get something similar in Renoise. You don’t need max or any scripting to get good results if done tastefully.

Note Probability Column?
without thinking… YES, please.

I think this better be covered in some kind of note controller/triggering device.

Lets push for (better) realtime Lua support! But I guess, we’ll have to wait for a stable luaJIT, proper for Renoise integration here.