Note Repeat Akai Style

Hello. I was just wondering if the developers have considered adding, or have already included a note repeat function similar to akai mpc’s and the mpk series.

I thought of this after I fired up my asr-x pro for the first time in years(I know, shame on me for neglecting quality hardware) and triggered some drums in renoise. It’s definitely a lot more fun than using my keyboard which has some very flimsy keys.

Anyway I’ve been considering purchasing the Aka MPK49 controller, but just realized that the only feature it has that makes it unique, for my use anyway, is the note repeat on the drum pads. I read a post by someone who commented that Renoise is like a juiced up version of an mpc, which I feel is a fair enough comparison. It’s a beat making program that rocks at putting together sample based tracks.

So why not add some of the live functions of drum machines?

I don’t know exactly what you mean, since I don’t have a drum machine, but maybe you are referring to the retrig effect, 0Exy?

look here and search for 0exy

Not exactly the same thing. I know the retrigger command in the effect line. This is something specific to the Akai mpc’s and the mpk controller.

Basically you hold down a pad/key when you’re playing your drums, or other sound and the pad repeats at whatever value, 8th, 26th notes etc while you play until you release the pad. Basically it’s just a looper with a time value you get to decide. And there’s quantize and swing options included.

Here’s an example of it I found on youtube…Sorry, but I couldn’t find one that demonstrated it step by step

I was thinking that the easiest way to implement it, for samples at least, would be to just work it into the loop section of the sample editor. But that was just the first way that came to mind.

Sorry here’s a better video, using a korg padkontrol doing the same thing.

with all the talk about renoise for live-use,this would be a nice feature

so a BIG +1 and rating from me

+1 for this feature (+ some other akai related stuff)

p.s. Everybody check upcoming thing from NI - MASCHINE on their site. Simply kickass!

More or less live EditStep appliance.

Dude, just use loop points.

Program out 8th notes (or whatever) on one pattern temporarily. Loop that pattern, go to sample editor, put the loop start at the beginning and end of the sample, and press play. Watch where the playback marker cuts out on the sample (cause the next note triggers the sample to end) and move the end loop marker there, delete the notes on the pattern. You have the akai note repeat feature. This can be done in less than 30 seconds.

That or get a midi interface and link the akai as a slave to renoise.

  1. load a drum sample
  2. select edit step
  3. press and hold
  4. press alt+t to select a track
  5. render to sample
  6. loop the sample


or make one bar long pattern and to it there. you can even make velocity variations etc. Maybe new XRNI has arpeggio/pattern sequence possibility that could address this as well. ;)

Yeah that works.
Just rendering selection to sample. I guess to save time it would be best to do several time variations of each hit and make a kit out of it. Then it would be a preset later. Thanks for making giving me reason to question buying that damn MPK. It looks cool, but if this workaround doesn’t take too much time I could just get an edirol and save 200 bucks. Can’t wait to try this tomorrow with my simple drum machine.

I use the MPK49 in renoise, best MIDI-controller ever and works like a charm. I get your idea, but using editsteps will do the same thing just as easy (or quantization).