Note "tie" (held) for single note column to force note overlapping for VSTi legato pitch glides

Its currently not possible to create an overlapping of notes in a single note column to force a note glide for VST instruments, but i think it could be quite useful and make some stuff easier:
Not sure if we can add a new pattern effect for this or using an existing one. I tried to use the “Cut”-Track command for this with a higher value than the song tick rate, but it wasn’t working for me.

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As you can see in my screenshot, i know this. But the possibility to achieve this with just one note column would be a nice workflow feature.

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As workaround, you can use protoplug for this. It has midi out feature. I made a little script:

Works really good and also allows you to shorten the non sliding notes via phrases. The script simply delays the note off, when a note on with velocity 1 was played before. This script is not polyphonic and forces velocity 127 to every note on event.

Works perfectly on Dune3, Serum and Synth1 in Legato mode with legato pitch glides:
(For every note with velocity 1, the note of will be delayed)

Made a little video to show it in practice:

I think “note tie” as native pattern effect in Renoise would be nice.