Note Values Changed When Navigating Pattern Sequencer With Keyboard

whilst navigating patterns using the CTRL+Left/Right/Up/Down commands, occasionally all the note values in my newly selected pattern are changed to the same value. eg. all notes are changed to C4…
Am I hamfistedly hitting another shortcut? Or some other feature? Or is this a bug?


Well, Ctrl + Up/Down commands are for navigating pattern indeed,
but Ctrl + Left/Right commands are for Increase/Decrease Pattern Number.
If saying more accurately, you were changing the pattern itself at the current position on the sequencer.

I guess this mean, you must already have such a pattern which include many C4 notes data.
And you recall the pattern without intention, by changing current pattern number (by hitting “Ctrl + Left/Right”).

satobox is right. keep an eye on the Pattern Matrix while you’re doing Ctrl+Left/Right, you’ll see the number of the current row change.

Thanks guys.
Am thinking this was down to a step sequencer tool I had running, because the note values were definitely being changed.
Can’t see how else it would happen!

@muckleby: make patterns 0 through 10, place a different note on line 1 of each pattern. now stand on pattern 0, press Ctrl+Right to cycle through patterns 0 through 10. you’ll see the note on line 1 change, because you are changing the pattern. so that is how it could have happened that the note values changed.

Cheers rhowaldt, I’m aware of the function of the ctrl+left/right command.
But this has been occuring using ctrl+down and I’m not accidentally selecting a pre-existing pattern. The notes of the pattern are changed, all to the same value.
As no-one sounds familiar with this I can only assume the Tool I have been using is the cause…