Notebook touchpad control

Renoise is cool!

I want tool for move sliders via touchpad.


a. Touchpad splited on three zones. For three fingers.
b. Each zone bind to any parameter. 1- on Volume, 2 - on Filter cutoff, 3 - on Filter resonance.
c. Touchpad switched in this mode by hotkey.

And 4 zone (in future):


Can you help me?

This seems more like a hardware driver feature request to me, so if your touchpad doesn’t already support multiple zones and keyswitching between them you’re out of luck.

I’ve seen a bunch of different apps/tools/hacks/tricks to do stuff like this over the years, but have never really tried it myself.

Anyway… Some very quick Googling brings up some interesting results that you may find useful:

I think what would be a better idea (though it really go against the philosophy of a music tracker) is integrate touchscreen features. Of course what would the touchscreen encompass then? It’s hard to say, definitely small things like “drawing an envelope or audio sample” or “controlling knobs/sliders”. As I said earlier, the interface of Renoise doesn’t allow that stuff to be easily manipulated. I do recall Raul developing some type of tools for touchscreen purposes.

Anyhow, sorry for hijacking the thread.

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I’ve been tempted to buy AudioSwift for Mac for this purpose, but I’ve also been able to meet the same need by connecting my Android phone to my Mac using the LK app for Android by Imaginando with the accompanying UBridge desktop app. This allows a variety of touchscreen interfaces, switching between a mixer, keyboard, chorder, and drum machine layout.

Connecting phone to laptop is a somewhat “brittle” and fidgety connection, so I’m about to get a Roli Block pad that can double as a drum pad, mixer, and sampler interface. It connects wirelessly to the computer or an iOS device via Bluetooth or USB.

I recently got the keyboard form factor and have been very happy with the portability, connectivity, and built in sounds, so I’m looking forward to adding the pad to my setup.