Notes Dont Work When Playing Whole Song..

Hey there.

I’ve got a 60+ pattern song in wich one features only piano.
If I just play the pattern everything sounds as it should, tho’ if I play the whole song the first 2 or so notes of that pattern just wont play.
I just CANT figure out what this could be, I tried entering them in an other track and an new pattern but it just doesnt seem to work :(


Some VST’s need to warm up, if you know what I mean, Try adding a blank pattern to the beginning of the song that has a chord with no volume, so it’s not audible to the listener. just make it short like 2 steps and add a pattern break (FB00 in the effects column.)

Im using the vst in an earlier pattern and Ive got not problems with that one :(

thre could be various reasons for this.

one of the possible explanations, the most likely to be exact, is that there is a (hopefully configurable) maximum number of concurrently playing voices for the instrument, which gets reached if you play the song from beginning.

since you say that you are using a piano instrument, there are chanches that you have the sustain pedal (MIDI CC#64) switched on, so the notes do not get switched off when a new one is played on the same column.

if you are using Native Instruments Kontakt for this song, I can be more precise in the help.

right, I’ve also accidently used the wrong instrument for a couple notes in a track where I should’ve changed to another instrument(having 2 or more versions of the VST loaded) and it will make it cut out or only play one of the notes if it’s not polyphonic. So it’d be a good idea to make sure you haven’t done that either, it can be easy to overlook sometimes.

Thank you again!! O :o
I shouldv note offd them in the previous pattern indeed, I love you man :D