Notes in Renoise different than original (Depeche Mode - Stripped)

Hello everyone, this is my first post here :slight_smile:

I have a question (probably a noob one, so sorry for that). I’ve downloaded Renoise few days ago and I’m just trying it out; I’ve chosen that tool because I grew up with trackers like ProTracker and FastTracker. Since I’m a Depeche Mode fan, I’m currently playing with some DM samples and I wanted to recreate their song “Stripped”.

So here is my question… as you can see in the video (if you don’t already know the song) the lead synth is starting at 1:25 -> … and the notes are following (as in the video):

C-4, D-4, G-4, G#4, B-4, E-4, B-4, E-4

… but B-4 and E-4 at the end sound totally wrong; This sounds far more correct:

C-4, D-4, G-4, G#4, A#4, D#4, A#4, D#4

First I thought there’s something wrong with the sample, but when I take one of the Renoise piano instruments, the result is the same. How this could be? And again, sorry if this is a dumb question, I’m a beginner.

Thanks you!

Maybe you have activeted the scales in renoise?

If you mean the drop-down in the sampler section it’s set to “no scale”.

Just saying, TBH in the video (to me) it looks like he is playing:

D-4, E-4, A-4, A#-4, C-5, F-4, C-5, F-4

Which is just a whole tone transposition higher than what you’ve written here:

Thanks @4tey

I’ve checked another video where it’s clear to see that the first note should be D-4.
Well, I said it’s probably a dumb question. Sorry again for that.

EDIT: And since the sample I have is sampled to C-4, I’ve changed the pitch to -2 and now everything sounds 100% accurate.