Note's Release Cuts Out and OFF Command Puzzle

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I’m having a problem with a loaded VST not completing it’s release length in a composition. As the song goes into the next measure, the notes release just shuts off completely. On the last bar of the song there are no other instruments present and on that bar it plays through. Not sure how to solve this. I’ve tried adding the OFF command and removing the OFF command but it seems to ignore both. It’s almost like it’s reading an OFF command from another track. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Do you mean at the end of the complete song or the end of a pattern?
Which VST?
Maybe you have a Cxx command on a volume/panning/fx column?

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At the end of each pattern. It literally cuts off like the sound goes off.


Maybe it would be worth giving a downloadable link to the xrns file (or a simplified version that demonstrates this abrupt cut off)? What VST? Be sure you are not using the same VST instrument across multiple tracks etc…

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tick off ‘auto suspend plugin when silent’ in the ‘?’ button pop-up window (’?’ button in the right of the plugins tab)?

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or the same vsti plugin playing in multiple different tracks at the same time?

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Thanks for you help! @Djeroek, your suggestion helped solve the issue. I wasn’t running two versions of the same plugin, but I was running two plugin’s by Arturia and that was causing the glitch. I replaced one with another VST and now it works fine. Thanks again all!

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