Notes Sometimes Cut Off When Changing Lpb

Not sure if this is a bug, but it certainly looks like one.

When you have an instrument with a volume envelope and change the LPB in the middle of a pattern, sometimes the instrument will cut off. For some reason it doesn’t cut off when the sustain point is in certain locations.

Example attached.


Also, is it an internal instrument and do you have autoseek or sync mode turned on?
Any of those options will be directly influenced by tempo or LPB changes.

Yes, it’s internal. No autoseek or sync though.

Hopefully attachment will work this time?

Aha yea, this seems to be an instrument problem. There is also a problem with the volume points somewhere (if the first point of the volume is set to -inf and directly afterwards the second point is full volume, some layers don’t play for some strange reason.)
So the sustain also affects in this case.