'nother Small Question ..

G’day !

In the demo, I can only select the primary soundcard device …
But, since I have an on-board and an external soundcard, I wanna use
my external instead. Now, I can imagine that selecting your soundcard
is not an option in the demo …
Does the full Renoise recognise external soundcards ?
For the record, I use a Tascam US-122, through USB …

Thanks in advance !

It works with all other software, except Renoise, in which I can’t
select any soundcard except primary sound device …

To my knowledge, it should also state the internal device, a RealTech-
something, but … not even that …
Maybe I should assign the soundcard to Renoise in another way … ?

Read some of the topics and it seems more people have/had problems with this Tascam us-122 … In the meantime, I took the liberty of getting the full a-bomb renoise and kinda hoped it would fix the problem …
But alas … now I have a full renoise with shitty sound :(

Don’t dispair just yet, post it as a bug and I´m sure the devs will sooner or later try to iron it out…

I never give up … :P

… and it HELPED !!

thanks for your time, guys !!
enjoying renoise’s full capacity as we speak !!

If you post your solution, i’ll pump it into the troubleshooting area so others can enjoy the solution as well.

Well, it’s no biggy … I simply set the Tascam as the Primary Device in Windows configuration and tadaa !

Nope ! Everything’s running smooth … :)
I guess a plus for XP, getting the right drivers

Thanks !

The guest post was from me… (duh… how silly of me not to log in)