Nothing Is What Is Seem Anymore.

youtube video.

taken from this wepage.

A bit outdated :P … they’ve moved on to video:

Also, there’s an open source implementation of the single image retargeter:

Same technique stolen from sample stretching or shrinking?

yap, thats what i thought also…

Actually this is a bit more advanced than most timestretching algorithms. This is looking for significant VS insignificant data… where most timestretching algos simply use slices to keep the same pitch whilst changing the tempo. There are timestretching algorithms which will detect transients and try to slice at points of attack instead of simply at predefined intervals, but I’ve not seen a timestretching algorithm as complicated as this show it’s face yet. The ability to trim out insignificant low impact waveforms in a predictive manner would be quite an improvement over current methods. I’d start on such an a subroutine had I the statistical knowledge to pull it off :P

Wow this is insanity!

I would wonder what that Gimp plugin would do with a wave sample if i loaded that as a raw image and saved the stretched or imploded image :P

Wow, really impressive shit, both the image and the video-resizing. This and Melodyne DNA tells me that we’re really in the 21st century. :)

Very interesting.