(Kaede) #1

Hi! A little experimental track from an occasional Renoiser,

Nothing too serious, just finding out how far I can push VST effects in Renoise (ANSWER: Not far enough!! There is so much to learn)

For optimum listening pleasure I suggest waiting for a rainstorm at about 2AM.

Hope you enjoy!


(Francky) #2


So you too, you are making some wave music ? That’s nice !

(Kaede) #3

Well I try! Hoping I can take what I’ve learned into my next track.


(Francky) #4


Yes, of course !

I’m trying and still learning things on Renoise just like you ! This software is very one and it is very useful for making some vapor wave music. if we could use it at its maximum of its potential… damn, I couldn’t imagine what it could be !

If you have free times, maybe could we collaborate ? Just shout me if you are interested.

It could be interesting, for learning skills.

(RachmanEnough) #5

Didnt know about that genre but I definetively like the oldskool-vibe. It is a nice chill out piece and the ambient vocal samples match well with the mood of the track. This could very well part of a video game OST.