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Hi all,

at the end of february I released “Recursion EP” with three tracks - actually an original album cut with two remixes. I never posted the album here (I now realise) so you can check it out too (link below). I also edited a video. All the tracks were composed and remixed in Renoise with only native plugins, on Linux with Ardour+CALF plugins for the vocals. (The album ARP 339 was mixed and mastered elsewhere). Get it via name-your-price (Creative Commons) download via Bandcamp (if you like the music, every penny is appreciated! - and there are limited edition physical USB+booklets available).

Enjoy. Comments are more then welcome!


Recursion EP:

Wanda & Nova deViator: ARP 339 (album)

PS: Are you interested to be part of the remix project? You’d be working with Renoise files, yay! Get in touch at nova [at] deviator [dot] si

Strong and powerful work. Although it’s electro and techno, it sounds very lively and charismatic. Every track hits hit the cosmic bull’s-eye. The lyrics is also great. Synth sound is mixed with live vocal in a natural way. Although the vocal tries to resemble machine voice, it’s still soulful. I like the attention you pay to the groove. Every track makes one move. The melodies are deep and touch the hidden corners of consciousness. It’s a one-breath album. Recursion video deserves a special note. The video manages to deliver the music atmosphere, and the work of cameraman and dancers is just perfect. Your physical media is of unbelievable design. USB booklet may take a special place in any melomane’s collection. Wish you all possible success with your new material and concerts!

Thanks Red Panda. This is very flattering comment. I’m very glad you enjoyed the album. There was a lot of work that went into it.

Yeah with packaging of physical media we’re having a lot of fun at Kamizdat label. I’m a hardcore person, but at some point, if we are to release in physical, I figured it really must be something special. There’s more stuff coming out via the label, so watch that space. (feel free to subscribe to the mailing list here: or follow releases on Bandcamp with a fan account)

Thank you for your kind wishes!


nice synths and dubstep base. :slight_smile:

nice synths and dubstep base. :slight_smile:

thank you! glad you enjoyed it.

Hi everyone!

just released a new EP and video. I’m also renaming this topic to start/continue a slow trickle of my releases into one topic, so people engaged can get notified of new releases (i hope that’s still ok).

Turns Me On EP & VIDEO

out today (15/aug) via Kamizdat (

free [name-your-price] downloads, the video and more info on the EP is here:

The EP contains two more remixes (much less vocals, more immersive), and there’s another “Electro Instrumental Edit” as a Bandcamp exclusive bonus track.

here’s directo the video:

and direct link to bandcamp release:

All composition and mixing was done in Renoise on Linux, initial vocal recordings in Ardour 4 with help of CALF plugins. The video was made by sending MIDI to a home-made processing sketch - code soon to be shared (hint: Patreon!)

The EP should appear in all digital outlets this week (Spotify, iTunes, etc…) | | |

Reminds me a bit of tspt ( the soft pink truth , matmos member )

Great work

Reminds me a bit of tspt ( the soft pink truth , matmos member )

Great work

I love The Soft Pink Truth!

thanks a lot!

Requiem For The Future

Hello everyone,

Last month I finished a full soundtrack for a visual performance by a friend/collaborator/director. I edited it and turned it into a Bandcamp release and made a glitchy video. Music was made in Renoise and edited in Ardour for the release and it’s a very ‘electro-acoustic’ thing - kind of glitchy ambiental intense drone-ish long-form thing. The performance includes choreography by two dogs and three drones (flying quadcopters), an intricate scenography and an actor/performer.

The release: apart from the name-your-price cc-licenced files that you can get via Bandcamp, there’s also a very limited edition USB-cardboard fold if you like to hold something in your hands. get it here:

The video was made with CC-licenced (Attribution) content from which was glitched using free commandline tools: ffmpeg and SoX (see here). Final edit in Kdenlive.

Enjoy the video: