Novation Launchkey 49 + Renoise


I’ve been a Renoise user for years now and finally getting round to getting a Midi Controller.

I like the look of the Novation Launchkey but not sure if it’s completely compatible with Renoise. Does anyone else have one of these or can recommend a Controller with similar functionality that works well with Renoise.

Cheers guys :slight_smile:

Definately is compatible. I have a Launchkey Mini for travelling with and it works pretty well.

Your keyboard could be used with the duplex tool

Cheers - decided to invest!

Really? I’ve got a Novation Launchkey 25, and I can’t really get it to work properly with Duplex. It’s not in the list of supported hardware, I tried a few random ones to see if they might work anyway, but no luck so far.

And by “work” I mean I’d like to see it can program the lights on the drumpad buttons (other than glowing red if you push them), make the “track” keys work (to switch tracks, or map them to whatever). If it did “something” (anything) with those two “IN CONTROL” buttons that would be perfect, but that’s optional.

What settings in Duplex do you use to get it to work, then?

Apart from that, I’m still very happy with this controller, the two-octave keyboard is just what I need, and frankly if it had only those eight control knobs at the top (for which standard MIDI mapping works perfectly), really … how did I ever live without controller knobs mapped to a lowpass resonance filter… drool … just give me the knobs. Also the transport keys are just MIDI keys so they were easy enough to config. I mainly can’t get the lights and the track keys to work.

I also have an Launchkey 25, but I wouldn’t say it’s fully compatible with Renoise.

You can assign the track buttons using the MIDI map, but I haven’t got it to work with Duplex to get fancy colors on the pads etc.

I spent ages making a Launchkey49 controller in doofers yesterday. Got it finished, then realised that doofers can`t send messages outside of themselves :smashed:

Will be making a performance template for the Launchkey soon. Nothing like duplex, but all the controls set up to hydras