Novation Launchpad Controller (bootleg Monome Ripoff Hahaha)

Launchpad Controller

Monome (The Original) Controller (Daedelus is my hero)

Man, I really wanna support the small guy-business (like renoise) but,
this launchpad is set to be at $199 when it drops and it will be mass produced

where as

the monome runs around $500+ and only 1000 (give or take) are about once or twice a year

gotta go with the bargain

That looks ideal for me and no doubt for many other people as well.

I like the monome but they get their money as it is, they sell out ridiculously quickly when they get a batch in.

If that’s only $199 then that’s amazing.

I imagine that people can hack midi signals into osc protocol to run messed with monome apps?

dont know how good it would be with renoise though it looks lovely

I pre ordered mine the day it was announced. I’m gonna use it with ableton live and with max msp.