Novation Launchpad & Midi keyboards with Renoise?

I’ve always wanted a Novation Launchpad to play around with, can it be used in Renoise? What about other regular midi keyboards like a M-Audio axiom or oxygen?

Midi is midi, they should all work fine. I personally use a m-audio prokeys 88sx, oxygen 25, and keyrig 49, sometimes all at the same time. You can have up to 4 midi inputs at the same time.

Launchpad is USB and requires special drivers; it’s not class-compliant.

You can use it with the Duplex tool.

There are also some tools for the Launchpad and Renoise.
E.g. Duplex, LiveDive or a Stepsequencer.

The new launchpad (“S”) is MIDI class compliant tho! (and the minis and all too)

Class-compliance is only about whether or not the hardware needs additional drivers for full functionality, not about its handling of MIDI-over-USB or MIDI in general. I’ve got several non-compliant USB MIDI devices and all work fine in Renoise, once the drivers are installed.

what i would really like to do is assign a renoise track to each of the buttons on the launchpad so when i press a button it triggers that track list
instead of playing a specific noise like in ableton… is that possible with any of the firmwares out there?

Right; that’s the thing.

The standard Launchpad is OK on Windows or OSX because you get the drivers for the OS when you get the device.

On Linux, maybe not so good.