Novation Launchpad on Linux Renoise with feedback

(lemn8) #1

Just wanna show you guys the posibilityś for launchpad on linux without the use of ableton or automap. Couldnt find any topic about it so i just wanna share.

(James Britt / Neurogami) #2

I appreciate the intention, but I have no idea what’s going on in that video.

(lemn8) #3

I appreciate the intention, but I have no idea what’s going on in that video.

Well then let me explain a few things. I have a problem deciding which is worth explaining. Even if i don’t know how something works. When i figured stuff out iḿ always thinking itś me being stupid not see it in the first place and everybody must already knowing this and if i start telling i’ll even look stupid in public. Thatś why iḿ always holding back.

Anyway. What i thought is something i couldnt found anything about is fully use launchpad in linux. People complain about it’s not fully supported need drivers need ableton and automap to get feedback etc. The fact is you need to create your own feedback. Launchpad is an 2 way midi controller that reacts with light. Colour changes when use different velocities. Knowing this the possibility’s are endless.

You just send midi values towards the launchpad. Thats why i made a pong animation to show you how well it works.

You could use colour patterns in the first row to identify drum and bass area on your launchpad.

To get feedback when button is pressed the easiest way is just to link midi out and midi in from launchpad in patchage (qjack). The other way is to create midi routes in renoise.

So far about the feedback

Next thing in Renoise is the Midi Learn tool. You can link midi function keys from the launchpad to certain onscreen buttons in renoise. for example you can start stop renoise song with the launchpad just by start midi learning tool, click “play” button on renoise and press any button you like on the launchpad. Now this button starts the song. This is also possible with allot of other features like open close gates.

Next thing is create Launchpad instruments. Just create a instrument in renoise, choose your samples and put them under the right key. Use this instrument on a track with the effects you want and you’re good to go.

No you can mix live performance with premade sounds.

This was all i could figure out yesterday evening. Maybe it’s all known stuff or maybe it even helped you.

Sorry for my bad english i’ve had to write this in a hurry. gottago now! Cheers. if there are any questions please let me know.