Novation Launchpad Pro


I naively thought the Launchpad Pro might work with the existing Launchpad configuration, but understand now why that doesn’t work. I’m interested in exploring a bit more, possibly creating a Duplex config, and am hoping to get some feedback.

The Launchpad Pro has multiple ‘Layers’, each with it’s own midi mappings. In the ‘Live Layer’, it interfaces with ableton, and the ‘Session’, ‘Note’, ‘Device’ and ‘User’ buttons provide context-sensitive scope for behavior of the rest of the buttons and pads (loosely - there are ableton-specific layers that also have their own midi mappings).

When not using ableton, there are four Layers that can be switched with SysEx commands. They each have different a different focus, and the buttons don’t have a midi mapping in each. For example, the four directional arrows don’t work in the ‘Drum Layer’ and default ‘Note Layer’, but do in the ‘Fader Layer’.

Ideally for Renoise and Duplex, creating and switching between different configurations would also change to the appropriate layer. If I’m understanding Duplex layout correctly, it seems like the way to achieve this would be to create multiple top-level MidiDevice derived lau classes/files that send the appropriate sysex command in __init (like the APC 20 and APC 40 configs), and then just reference the appropriate top-level device within each configuration.

Since I don’t see any examples of this, I wanted to validate that before jumping in and make sure I’m not missing something.



Yes, strangely Duplex has no LP PRO support, although I’m sure there are quite a few people with that controller.

I’ve heard some people report that it works with Duplex, but without the velocity sensitivity (obviously) andcolors being screwed up a bit (?)

The Launchpad Pro has multiple ‘Layers’, each with it’s own midi mappings.

I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Duplex is able to make the (classic) Launchpadswitch between multiple applications, and it works just fine with a “fixed” set of MIDI mappings.

As long as the software “driving” the controller knows what physical button was pressed, and is able to transmit messages back to the controller - that’s all that’s really needed.

Try Stepp0r Pro version.