Novation Launchpad

I have a chance to obtain a fairly new Novation Launchpad for 80 bucks. Is it possible to just use it in Renoise as drumpads to trigger samples? It has so many buttons i’d be set for life in terms of drumpads. I don’t need it for anything live, just to mess around with chopped samples.

yes you can!, the pads just trigger notes, so you could easily map them to different samples inside an instrument.

Thanks! I’m gettin’ it. I almost spent 60 bucks on a nanopad 2 the other day, that’s 16 pads. This is a waaay better value.

you can also do some magic with the Duplex plugin.

Although I don’t think this will be a problem for you: the launchpad’s pads aren’t velocity sensitive, just for your information…

you should check
a very very good (old) Launchpad companion !

Not really a problem, good to know though thanks.

Looks awesome, thanks.

Thanks everyone, just set it up. The way it lights up with Katapult is insane!

Sorry about the triple post.

I’m having an issue. The first row of pads goes from C-0 to G#-0, but then the next row starts at E-1. So basically there’s a bunch of notes I can’t play. I tried fixing it in Automap but I can’t. The Launchpad shows up in my device lists but the Edit Mappings button is grayed out and inaccessible. Anyone know what to do?

edit: I can access Edit Mappings now, but the notes I assigned aren’t reflected in Renoise.

double edit: fixed it. All set!!!

Hey dij314,

Was wondering what you did to resolve your problems? Did you start using the duplex keyboard?

I just got a launchpad as well.